About the POWRR Tool Grid

The POWRR Tool Grid v2 provides a set of interactive views designed to help practitioners identify and select tools that they need to solve digital preservation challenges. Everything in the Grid is hyperlinked, so simply click through the displays until you find the information you are looking for. Clicking on the name of a specific preservation tool will reveal more detail on the COPTR wiki. As well as the main Tool Grid (that makes navigation more manageable) there is also an Ubergrid that lists every tool in every content category against every function.

This Grid is based on the Tool Grid first developed by the Digital POWRR Project, and combines the form and function of the original POWRR grid with the far greater coverage of tools provided by the COPTR data feed.

How does the POWRR Tool Grid work?

The POWRR Tool Grid is re-generated nightly from the contents of the COPTR wiki. If you have any changes or additions to the data in the Grid, sign up for the COPTR wiki and make your contributions there.


We very much welcome feedback on the POWRR Tool Grid. Please contact ….. Or discuss any Grid issues at the International collaboration about digital preservation Google Group.

How do I contribute new information to the tool grid?

Easy. Sign up for the COPTR wiki and make your contributions there. They will propagate to the Tool Grid overnight.


All data presented in the Grid is sourced from the COPTR wiki under a CC-BY-SA license.

Funding and development

Development of the POWRR Tool Grid was made possible by the Digital POWRR Project and the Northern Illinois University. Development work was completed as part of a collaboration between the Digital POWRR Project and the COPTR consortium.

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