DigiPres Commons Community-owned digital preservation resources

The digital preservation community is small and under resourced. This means we have to work together if we want to make a real impact. This site aims to provide a gateway to all of the wonderful community-owned and community-oriented resources out there that are dedicated to digital preservation.

The Digital Preservation Awesome List

This carefully curated list of digital preservation tools and resources is the main thing that the community maintains. Please take a look!

The goal is to help the members of the international digital preservation community to find each other, to grow, and to find ways to support each other. Crucially, we want to help pool our knowledge and resources so we can do more and better preservation, and try to avoid anyone re-inventing the wheel. Of course, this ethos also extends to this gateway site, so please raise any issues (e.g. what have we missed?), contribute to this web site, or discuss your ideas with us.

All images sourced from the Noun Project, including: Question image by Henry Ryder, Swiss Army Knife image by Olivier Guin, Add folder image by Sergio Calcara, People image by T. Weber, Cross hairs image by __Lo._ and chain image by Adam Whitcroft.

Many of these resources are kindly hosted by the Open Preservation Foundation.