The Digital Preservation Publications Index

This is an experimental service being developed as part of the Registries of Good Practice Project.

The purpose of this site is to make records of digital preservation practice easier to find and build on. Currently, the focus is on re-publishing the metadata of iPRES conference proceedings, in order to:

  • make it easier to search and analyse this body of work.
  • make it easier for search engines to find these articles.
  • make it easier to cite iPRES publications.

The iPRES steering group and conference committees have put a lot of work put into hosting and preserving the iPRES proceedings over the years. Hopefully, this site (or something like it) can link all of the conference outputs together and direct people to the repositories that host them.

Use the links in the menu to browse the contents of this site, or use the search box in the top menu, or click this link to see the iPRES index.

The Publications Database

The underlying data that is used to create this site is also available as an SQLite database, which can be viewed in off-the-shelf tools like Datasette.

View the publications database using Datasette Lite in your browser